Laughing with a mouth of blood

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Congressman Ron Paul Urges Afghanistan Withdrawal July 18 2012 

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The war you don’t see

The documentary above is removed from youtube, it was very, very good it was by John Pilger. On my first blog (coconutjuicee) I managed to get a screenshot of this & it got a lot of notes as you can see, so they couldn’t silence the truth entirely after all.

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If you go to the village of Al-Majalah in Yemen, where I was, and you see the unexploded clusterbombs and you have the list and photographic evidence, as I do—the women and children that represented the vast majority of the deaths in this first strike that Obama authorized on Yemen—those people were murdered by President Obama, on his orders, because there was believed to be someone from Al Qaeda in that area. There’s only one person that’s been identified that had any connection to Al Qaeda there. And 21 women and 14 children were killed in that strike and the U.S. tried to cover it up, and say it was a Yemeni strike, and we know from the Wikileaks cables that David Petraeus conspired with the president of Yemen to lie to the world about who did that bombing. It’s murder—it’s mass murder—when you say, ‘We are going to bomb this area’ because we believe a terrorist is there, and you know that women and children are in the area. The United States has an obligation to not bomb that area if they believe that women and children are there. I’m sorry, that’s murder.
— Jeremy Scahill

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“Why put yourself into a position to go over there and be forced by a circumstance not of your choosing to take the life of another human being who’s a total stranger? Because they’re not some evil caricature like you’ve seen in films, they’re people. They have mothers, they have fathers, they have sisters, they have brothers, they have children. There’s people who love them just like there’s people who love you. Those people grieve when they lose them, just like people grieve when they lose you. That’s maybe not as dramatic and exciting and clear-cut and easy to understand as the simple binary world of good and evil that you get pained for you but that’s not the way the real world is. And in the real world, you have to live with the consequences of your decisions for the rest of your life.”

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Assassination was once a complex, secret, shameful, difficult to arrange, and relatively rare act of state. Now, it’s as normal, easy, and — amazingly enough — almost as open as sending a diplomat to another country.
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An article on the U.S. government’s entrapment cases against anarchists recently, and how this has happened in the recent past with Muslims and environmental activists.


And Now They Are Coming For You.

An article on the state’s entrapment cases against anarchists recently, and how this has happened in the recent past with Muslims and environmental activists.

We live in an exciting time where it can be reasonably believed that the current ruling order can be overthrown and an entirely new world can flourish in it’s place. Entire governments have been brought down, insurrections nurtured and pushed to their most subversive ends, and people across the globe anticipate a coming, perhaps winnable, clash between themselves and power. However, it is also a scary time to call yourself an anarchist, with the media and whole governments inflating fears of anarchist “terrorism”, bomb-plots, and attacks. In recent months, 10 people have been brought up on conspiracy charges. Each of these cases is similar; an FBI informant finds young idealistic people involved on the periphery of protest movements and pushes them toward radical action, only to later arrest them after they have been pushed. In this special article from a comrade in the bay area, they discuss how strategies classically used against revolutionaries have come to be more broadly applied to other groups of people, as though they too are seen by the state as combatants and potential insurgents.

In Modesto, we’ve already seen police target anarchists for repression, as was the case when the Stanislaus County Sheriffs launched a sting operation against an underground needle exchange in order to “rid the parks of anarchists and junkies,” as head Sheriff Adam Christianson explained before the Board of Supervisors. In 2006, an Auburn anarchist, Eric McDavid, was sentenced to 20 years in prison after being entrapped by an FBI informant without even carrying out an action. While we have seen the state act against anarchists in this area, we also have seen the targeting of whole groups of people based on the neighborhood they live in or their immigration status. When the needle exchange was shut down, people reacted with solidarity: dropping banners, holding demonstrations, packing the courtroom, and throwing benefits to raise money, but what was our response when immigration officials raided a Modesto area flea market, carting away children under the pretext of looking for pirate DVDs? Where was the rage when the city of Modesto declared entire neighborhoods under gang injunctions, which in colonial fashion created curfews, forbade people from associating with each other, and hindered the movements of entire groups of people?

We should not be surprised at state repression against radicals when such strategies are used by the government against huge segments of the population. Generalized surveillance, mass incarceration, the ubiquitous exploitation of migrant workers terrorized to silence through the constant threat of deportation, and gang injunctions which keep poor communities of color fractured and isolated are all part of a social war waged against the very population itself. With these first forays into the domestication of warfare into every day fabric of our lives, is it any wonder that the state would target those who already proclaim themselves combatants in just such a war?

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~ Wednesday, May 30 ~
The same patriotism you want me to display today is the same patriotism that resulted in the deaths of those you want me to ‘honor.’ They were lied to. So are you. Until you stop ‘supporting the troops’ and ‘standing with your country’ those in power will continue to send young men to be killed and to slaughter countless others. You’re the cause. Never forget.
— Tyler Nathanial Ford (via socraticapology)
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Yup…while violent “solutions” may seem effective in the short term, in the long term it always only makes matters even worse than before.
A fantastic metaphor for this is the use of heroin to solve the pain of a tooth ache. Sure, the heroin will make the pain go away in the short term; but long term not only will your tooth be rotting & more painful, you will also have one hell of a heroin/opiate addiction.


Yup…while violent “solutions” may seem effective in the short term, in the long term it always only makes matters even worse than before.

A fantastic metaphor for this is the use of heroin to solve the pain of a tooth ache. Sure, the heroin will make the pain go away in the short term; but long term not only will your tooth be rotting & more painful, you will also have one hell of a heroin/opiate addiction.

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~ Monday, May 28 ~
What has emerged in the second decade after 9/11 is a remarkable consensus among Democrats and Republicans on a core approach to the nation’s foreign policy. It’s certainly not a perfect alignment. But rarely since the end of the Cold War has there been this level of consensus. Indeed, while Americans may be divided, polarized and dysfunctional about issues closer to home, we are really quite united in how we see the world and what we should do about it. […] Paradoxically, both George W. Bush’s successes and failures helped to create this new consensus. His tough and largely successful approach to counterterrorism — specifically, keeping the homeland safe and keeping al Qaeda and its affiliates at bay through use of special forces, drone attacks, aggressive use of intelligence, and more effective cooperation among agencies now forms a virtually unassailable bipartisan consensus.

As shown through his stepped-up drone campaign, Barack Obama has become George W. Bush on steroids. - Foreign Policy

In simple words: While domestic policies remain a forum where disagreement is diverse and intense, the platform for foreign policies is where agreement is reached. Which also means candidates claiming to change the foreign policy won’t deliver much - similar to the case of Obama. Drones, bombing, covert ops, assassinations will continue to “protect US freedom.”

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When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that justifies it.

Frederic Bastiat (via laliberty)

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